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The Events Calendar Tickets
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The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets
The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets
  •   Version:  4.6.9
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  •   Update:  15/03/2021
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The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets - Event Tickets addon

Looking to track attendees, sell tickets and more Eventbrite is a free service that provides the full power of a conference ticketing system.

This plugin extends Events Calendar with all the basic Eventbrite controls without ever leaving WordPress. In the absence of Events Calendar, this plugin provides interfaces to easily insert Eventbrite widgets into posts, the sidebar, or anywhere in your template files.

The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets, What does it do

You ve got lots of cool events planned for your calendar, and now you re looking for a way to sell tickets. We got you covered with Eventbrite Tickets. This add-on plugin unites the power of The Events Calendar with the ticketing prowess of It empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event. With Eventbrite Tickets, you re in control of your event and your tickets. Determine the type of tickets, payment options (fixed, donation, or free), and quantity right from the event editor. Events are created on your WordPress site and in your account on Visitors to your site will see a schnazzy tickets form and can click to be redirected to to purchase. Ticket availability numbers will update as people purchase tickets and show a Sold Out! message if you run out. You can also import events directly from your account into your WordPress site.

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