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Gravity Perks Read Only
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Gravity Perks Read Only
Gravity Perks Read Only
  •   Version:  1.9.1
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  •   Update:  18/03/2021
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Gravity Perks Read Only

What does it do

This plugin allows you to configure applicable form fields to be set to a read only state. Fields set to read only will be visible, but not editable. In other words, the user can read the field value but can not change the field value.

This is useful in situations where you would like to present information to the user without the user being able to modify that data. This comes in handy when populating fields using Populate Anything, calculating quantities with Nested Forms, or anywhere that you want to include a Default Value without the user overwriting it.


  • Set form fields to read only.
    Added directly for form markup with no additional Javascript.
  • Supports most Gravity Forms fields.
    All fields that support user input can be made read only.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We re here to help! And we mean it.

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