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EventON - Reminders
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EventON - Reminders
EventON - Reminders
  •   Version:  0.4
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  •   Update:  24/02/2020
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EventON - Reminders


Send auto reminder emails to your event guests - from RSVP or Tickets addon - before and after event take place and build up excitement for your events.

For RSVP and Tickets Addon

Reminders addon for EventON is compatible with both RSVP and Tickets addon for eventON.

Choose The Recipient Group

You can set up reminders and select which groups of guests will receive the auto reminders.

Reminders Before Event Start

Build excitement for the event by sending auto reminder emails before the event start.

Reminders After Event End

Continue to engage your customers by sending reminder emails after the event ends.

Set Custom Reminder Times

You can set your own custom time when the reminders will go out before and after event.

Custom Reminder Emails

Reminder email message can be customized per each reminder.

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